Do You Dream of Terra Two, Temi Oh – Book Review

Hello Humans! Are you ready to head into SPACE? That's right, if the cover image didn't give it away - today I'm reviewing some science fiction. Do You Dream of Terra Two was one of those books that hooked me with an interesting concept but that took me quite a while to actually get to? However,... Continue Reading →

Review – Illuminae, Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I can safely say I've never read anything quite like #illuminae before @AmieKaufman this is a wild ride! #blogger#bookaddict — Judith Moore (@judithcmoore) March 28, 2017   That probably about sums it up. Just kidding let's do a real review! If you fancied, you could go and read the Want-to-Read Wednesday I wrote on Illuminae... Continue Reading →

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