Want to Read Wednesday – Finale

Hello Humans! As the year draws to a close, I'm continuing to eye up 2019 and all the amazing book releases that are coming. I've talked a bit about debuts, and I do intend to make a definitive list of new releases I want to read, but there are a heck of a lot of... Continue Reading →

Legendary, Stephanie Garber – Book Review

Hello humans! I remember back when I started blogging it was sort of the peak of the Caraval hype. I was so into all of the circus-themed things that were going on and I ordered a copy like that *snaps fingers*. Looking back at my review (because remembering things from a year ago is hard)... Continue Reading →

Review – Caraval, Stephanie Garber

In my previous 'Want to Read Wednesdays' post I talked about this book and said 'I'm willing to get very excited about this one'. Was it worth hyping myself up? Pretty much. I'm rather pleased with myself. I've been burned before so I was wary of getting my hopes up but this was actually a... Continue Reading →

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