The Starless Sea, Erin Morgenstern – Book Review

Hello Humans! I have Asha from A Cat, A Book, and a Cup of Tea to thank for today's book, she was kind enough to gift me with a copy of The Starless Sea at Christmas time and I finally got round to reading it! I actually filmed a full video review of The Starless Sea so... Continue Reading →

The Night Country, Melissa Albert – Book Review

Hello Humans! Ever wondered what would happen to storybook characters in the modern world (and want something darker than OUAT?) - look no further than the second book in Melissa Albert's The Hazel Wood series. The Night Country is a thriller-meets-fantasy book coming out in early January. I've managed to snag an early copy so I can... Continue Reading →

The Night Brother…I’m so confused!

'What?' 'But' 'Wait' 'Huh?' 'How?' 'Why?' These are but some of the exclamations I uttered when reading this book. The Night Brother publishes on the first of June this year and based on it's quite...unusual cover I probably should have guessed I was in for something equally unusual. Goodreads Summary: Rich are the delights of... Continue Reading →

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