Deadfall, Simon Lelic – Book Review

Hello Humans! What’s the longest you’ve ever stuck with a series that didn’t grip you? Where you kept picking up sequels despite knowing you were never going to find a new favourite? Or are you one of those incredibly self-aware people who can rest knowing they read book one and don’t need to pick up... Continue Reading →

The Furies, Katie Lowe – Book Review

Hello Humans! It’s another one of those ‘this review is posting in April, but I read this book in January’ kind of posts. I like writing these because, obviously, the book is fresh in my mind but at the same time it’s kind of scary. What will the world be like by the time you’re... Continue Reading →

Dark Mind Rising, Julia Keller

Hello Humans! Today I'm reviewing Dark Mind Rising, the sequel to The Dark Intercept - which I reviewed around this time last year. I was intrigued by the idea of a world where emotions could be so strictly monitored and regulated, as well as the relationship between old Earth and new Earth, but the book does tie off... Continue Reading →

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