The Memory of Fire, Callie Bates – Readalong

Hello Humans! It is June 4th and - unsurprisingly - the fourth day in my #ABookADay reading challenge. The TBR jar has decreed that my next read shall be The Memory of Fire and, while I can't remember anything that happened in The Waking Land I'm intrigued by the idea of following a different character - we shall... Continue Reading →

The Waking Land, Callie Bates – Book Review

Morning mortals! Today's review is a book that was on my Want to Read shelf for a long time. The Waking Land had a cover that intrigued me but I wasn't so sold on the concept that it was a must-have. Well, with the help of the publisher and of Netgalley I've managed to get round to reading... Continue Reading →

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