State of Sorrow, Melinda Salisbury – Book Review

Hello Humans! How can it possibly be the end of March? How? Who allowed this to happen? We are ¼ through the year! It seems fitting to have started the year reading Melinda Salisbury and then to mark today with her latest book State of Sorrow. This was a book that I honestly wasn’t that... Continue Reading →

The Scarecrow Queen, Melinda Salisbury – Book Review

Hello Humans! Back again are we? I should hope so, this month has been chock full of some amazing reads it's almost enough to make me head back and read them all again. *Sigh* Today I'm reviewing the final book in Melinda Salisbury's The Sineater's Daughter series. The Scarecrow Queen was everything I've ever wanted in the... Continue Reading →

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