Hard Time, Jodi Taylor – Book Review | Blog Tour

Hello Humans! I'm going to do the slightly weird thing of prompting you to go to another blogger right at the start of this review. Because...in some ways I am back to my old habits. I am kind of reading a series out of order. Now in this case it's a bit complicated because it's... Continue Reading →

The Future of Another Timeline, Annalee Newitz – Book Review

Hello Humans! In my quest to find a time-travel book that does not suck I have encountered many terrible terrible books - but today I'm bringing you a review for one of the good ones! The Future of Another Timeline is the latest book from the author of Autonomous, Annalee Newitz. I thought Autonomous was exceptional so I... Continue Reading →

Review – Willow Born, Shanna Miles

Goodreads Summary: Years ago, witch hunters came to Carolina and devoured the Willows. Sixteen-year-old Collette, a powerful empath, was one of them. A part of a long line of witches that stretches back as far as the slave auctions of Charleston, she was especially gifted. Decades later, a series of strange kidnappings prompts a member... Continue Reading →

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