Hello humans! Last Wednesday I announced that I was planning on focussing my reading in November to the books that I own since recently it feels like I've just been reading ARCs while my pile of books at home just grows and grows. I thought it would help to make some kind of a TBR... Continue Reading →

Want to Read Wednesday – OWNVEMBER

Hello humans! No, that isn't a typo in the title of this blog post, though I can appreciate it may look that way. Rather it is an announcement of my reading plans for November, and what better place to announce it then on the weekly post where I talk about reading plans that very rarely... Continue Reading →

September TBR

Hello humans and happy September! This year has flown by, I can hardly believe that it's almost been a year since I got married - blimey. But there's more books to be read and more reviews to be written and the world keeps on rolling. So here are some of the books I'm hoping to... Continue Reading →

July TBR

Hello Humans! Time for my July TBR! I work on a kind of rolling TBR basis at the moment, where it's not essential that I read everything on my TBR within the month, but anything I don't read will go onto August's TBR (which may have to be smaller since I'm rehearsing and performing a... Continue Reading →

Holiday TBR – Norway

Hello humans! This bonus post (because there are too many book reviews to schedule!) is partially an announcement and partially a tbr list. The husband and I are off on a cruise tomorrow to Norway and I am stupendously excited, partly for the opportunity to visit a country to which I have never been, but... Continue Reading →

Honeymoon (October) TBR

Morning Mortals! Yes I am now on honeymoon but I'm writing this in the past (hello future me) and I thought I'd share with you some of the books I'm planning on reading during my time off and then into October!                        Look at them there being all... Continue Reading →

My September TBR

Hello again mortals! I wanted to share with you some of the books I'm planning on getting stuck into in September. August had a lot of ARC's to get through and September has quite a few as well but I'm hoping to get into some backlist titles as well. Let me know in the comments... Continue Reading →

May 2017: To Be Read List

Well April went by in a flash didn't it! So much has happened, I went home for Easter which was blissful (because there is a dog at home), 4/5 of my bridesmaids fit into their dresses which makes me very happy, my colleague got a puppy, another one had a baby, it's all go in... Continue Reading →

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