Nightblood, Elly Blake – Book Review

Hello humans! I have been known to refer to the Frostblood Saga as the most YA series to ever YA. It's not something said as criticism, but rather a useful way of describing this book quickly, it has a lot of the tropes that people love/hate/hate to love/love to hate depending on personal preference. I... Continue Reading →

Bright Ruin, Vic James – Book Review

Hello humans! Today I am utterly delighted to be reviewing the final book in Vic James’ Dark Gifts trilogy. Gilded Cage was one of the earlier books I reviewed on this blogging journey and I can remember how excited I was to be approved to read Tarnished City so drawing it to a close is... Continue Reading →

Prodigy, Marie Lu – Book Review

Hello humans! We’re on part…5(?) of my journey through the adventures of Marie Lu’s writing (do we count Batman?) Anyway, this is a review of the second book in the Legend series Prodigy. I was left hooked after book one and immediately had to read the next. YA dystopian trilogies are my jam, but second... Continue Reading →

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