May Day, Josie Jaffrey – Book Review

Hello Humans! Who is ready for some snarky vampire detectives? If the answer is not you then perhaps cease reading this review until such a time as you are emotionally prepared. Quick disclaimer before we begin - I do in fact know Josie personally - we've been out for lunch and book shopping, she is... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful, Renée Ahdieh – Book Review

Hello Humans! Like many of you, I'm sure, I was caught up in the Vampire hype of 2009-11 (and beyond). I fiercely debated whether Bella should go for the wolf or the sparkly man, I gasped at the events of House of Night and...I probably read some weird books I got from the library that I've... Continue Reading →

Carmilla, Kim Turrisi – Book Review

Hello Humans! Today's book is another ARC review, this one requested after Asha told me I really ought to read it. When she told me there were lesbian vampires I WAS READY. I confess, before starting this book I hadn't come across the web series on which this book is based, and I've got some thoughts... Continue Reading →

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