Wolf Speaker, Tamora Pierce – Book Review

Hello Humans! If you come to the blog daily then you may be catching on to a little theme that's happening for the latter part of the week. Yes, I am reviewing all of Tamora Pierce's Immortals quartet as I read them. It's no small task but, having read and loved Wild Magic I was ready to get... Continue Reading →

Damsel, Elana K. Arnold – Book Review

Hello humans! I'll start by saying I had no idea how to write this review. This book is complicated and in some ways, I am all for it and in others, I think it could be done differently and...oh I don't know. With that in mind, if some segments of this review are just word... Continue Reading →


Hello humans! Last Wednesday I announced that I was planning on focussing my reading in November to the books that I own since recently it feels like I've just been reading ARCs while my pile of books at home just grows and grows. I thought it would help to make some kind of a TBR... Continue Reading →

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