The Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer Series Review

Hello humans! Yes, months ago I told you all I wanted to read The Lunar Chronicles after being told to do so by so many people both online and in person. I finally got round to it back in October and I'm ready to share my thoughts with you. I have a feeling this might include a few spoilers for... Continue Reading →

Weave a Circle Round, Kari Maaren Book Review

Morning mortals! Today's book review is another one of those books that are just a little bit weird. Now if you know me well (or you've been following Chaininteraction for a while) you'll know that I'm a big fan of weird. In a world of predictable fantasy fiction, anything that can make me say 'huh?'... Continue Reading →

My Top Ten Book Crushes – TTT

Morning mortals! Welcome back to the blog for another Top Ten Tuesday post. I'm currently (or will be by the time you're reading this) off on honeymoon so it's a little weird to be talking about book character crushes (I've chosen to make this a little less binary) but I'm not going to lie I... Continue Reading →

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