Slay, Brittney Morris – Book Review

Hello Humans! Thanks for stopping by for today's review of Brittney Morris' Slay. This book promised to be a "Black Panther-inspired novel about virtual reality, safe spaces and celebrating your identity" which sounded fabulous to me! Goodreads Summary: By day, seventeen-year-old Kiera Johnson is an honors student, a math tutor, and one of the only Black... Continue Reading →

The Secret Runners of New York, Matthew Reilly – Book Review

Hello Humans! It feels like a good long while since I last dipped my toes into the YA dystopian genre (but thinking about it, I just finished Monsters of Men so maybe that’s just me compartmentalising things into weird genre groups). At a guess, I’d say the other books I’ve read lately have been Dry... Continue Reading →

Rebel, S. M. Wilson – Readalong

Hello Humans! I said it was coming and I deliver on my promises. I've bypassed my TBR tea-cup for one book in order to bring you a readalong of Rebel, the last book in the Extinction Trials series. As someone who, at the age of 24, just bought a new backpack with neon dinosaurs on it,... Continue Reading →

The Haven, Simon Lelic – Book Review

Hello Humans! It would seem that the trend of retellings isn't going anywhere (no I am certainly not complaining). But today's retelling is one of Oliver Twist, of which I don't think I've ever read a retelling, though I don't doubt that one exists. I'll confess to never having read the original Dickens and to also not... Continue Reading →

Champion, Marie Lu – Book Review

Hello humans! Welcome to the final instalment of my reviews of Marie Lu’s books (until I eventually get around to reading Warcross but honestly my TBR is currently the size of a young killer whale so I don’t know when that will be).  I have enjoyed this series more than I could have ever imagined... Continue Reading →

Prodigy, Marie Lu – Book Review

Hello humans! We’re on part…5(?) of my journey through the adventures of Marie Lu’s writing (do we count Batman?) Anyway, this is a review of the second book in the Legend series Prodigy. I was left hooked after book one and immediately had to read the next. YA dystopian trilogies are my jam, but second... Continue Reading →

Legend, Marie Lu – Book Review

Hello humans! So upon finishing The Young Elites series, I still hadn’t got quite enough of Marie Lu. That sounds somewhat more ominous than I meant it to…I mean her books (of course). So I decided to jump right in with the Legend series which, while it is very different from The Young Elites is... Continue Reading →

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