Dark Matter: Evolution, Teri Terry – Book Review

Hello humans! Today's review is of the final book in Teri Terry's Dark Matter series, the first two books of which I reviewed a while ago, to read those reviews click here. This has been one of the most interesting series to read start to finish, with a fair number of unexpected twists and turns here and... Continue Reading →

All Rights Reserved, Gregory Scott Katsoulis – Book Review

Hello humans! I am so thrilled to be finally writing this book review (it has been one of those reviews that I’ve had sorted in my head for a while but have yet to put metaphorical pen to metaphorical paper). All Rights Reserved is one of the books I read when I was on holiday... Continue Reading →

Infernal Devices, Philip Reeve – Book Review

Hello humans! Welcome to another instalment in my reviews of Philip Reeve’s The Hungry City Chronicles. I’ve already reviewed Mortal Engines and Predator’s Gold. There may, therefore, be spoilers for the previous two books in this review, though I will not be including any major spoilers for Infernal Devices. Aside: am I the only one... Continue Reading →

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