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Hello humans! Taking inspiration from Asha at A Cat, A Book, and A Cup of Tea I thought it would be fun to store my TBR all in one place, these are all the books I own (in one way or another) that I need to read and review! For future reference, this list was started on 26/08/2018.

As always, books marked with a ‘*’ are books I received for free from authors or publishers in exchange for honest reviews.

  1. The Speaker, Traci Chee
  2. Bruja Born, Zoraida Cordova
  3. The Reader, Traci Chee
  4. These Rebel Waves, Sara Raasch
  5. Clariel, Garth Nix
  6. Heart of Thorns, Bree Barton
  7. Jade City, Fonda Lee
  8. The Light Between Worlds
  9. The Black Khan
  10. Nothing but Sky, Amy Trueblood
  11. The Tain, Ciaran Carson
  12. Goldenhand, Garth Nix
  13. Kings of the Wyld, Jeff Harding
  14. Fallible Justice, Laura Laakso
  15. Ignite the Stars
  16. How Long ’til Black Future Month
  17. Earthsea
  18. The Glass Spare
  19. Crown of Thunder
  20. King of Scars
  21. Song of the Dead
  22. The Memory of Fire
  23. Stormdancer
  24. Other words for Smoke
  25. Hunted
  26. Lud in the Mist

Review Copies

  1. Potency, Aubrey Hadley*
  2. Storm Crow, Kalyn Josephson
  3. Emily Eternal, M. G. Wheaton*
  4. Nocturna, Maya Motayne*
  5. The Ice House, Tim Clare*
  6. Lady Smoke, Laura Sebastian*
  7. Stepsister, Jennifer Donnelly*
  8. One Word Kill, Mark Lawrence*
  9. David Mogo, Godhunter, Suyi Davies Okungbowa*
  10. The Girl who Could Move Sh*t with her Mind, Jackson Ford*
  11. King of Fools, Amanda Foody*
  12. Shadows of the Short Days, Alexander Dan Vilhjálmsson*
  13. Sanctuary, Vic James*
  14. The Kingdom, Jess Rothenberg*
  15. The Beckoning Shadow, Katharyn Blair*
















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