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Hello humans! Taking inspiration from Asha at A Cat, A Book, and A Cup of Tea I thought it would be fun to store my TBR all in one place, these are all the books I own (in one way or another) that I need to read and review!

As always, books marked with a ‘*’ are books I received for free from authors or publishers in exchange for honest reviews.

  1. Earthsea
  2. The Silver Queen
  3. The Blood Prince
  4. Wicked Saints
  5. The Blade Itself
  6. The Final Empire
  7. To be Taught if Fortunate

Review Copies

  1. The House of Sundering Flames*
  2. The Rage of Dragons (16/7/19)*
  3. The Girl the Sea Gave Back (3/9/2019)*
  4. The Silver Wind (10/09/2019)*
  5. After the Flood (15/9/19)*
  6. Seige and Sacrifice (17/9/19)*
  7. A Little Hatred (17/9/19)*
  8. The Bone Ships (26/9/19)*
  9. Steel Crow Saga (26/9/19)*
  10. Slay (3/10/19)*
  11. Ninth House (8/10/19)*
  12. The Grace Year (10/10/19)*
  13. The Quantum Garden (15/10/19)*
  14. Deeplight (31/10/19)*
  15. Infinity Son (14/01/20)*
  16. Ink in the blood (20/2/20)

Loans and Borrows

  1. The Power



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