Black Sun, Rebecca Roanhorse – Book Review

Hello Humans! December Judith here again speaking to you from the past where I just finished Black Sun - which I've been wanting to read for bloomin' ages! It was a Space Sirens Book Club pick earlier in 2020 and I was delighted to (after that bookclub had moved on) get a digital review copy... Continue Reading →

The Mask of Mirrors, M A Carrick – Book Review

Hello Humans! December Judith here writing reviews for 2021 releases and feeling very confused about time and the inevitable heat death of the universe. But to distract myself from that kind of thinking I like to pour myself into reading and OOOH there are some good books coming in the next year. One such book... Continue Reading →

Escape Pod – Book Review

Hello Humans! I haven't typically gravitated towards short story collections in the past - I have a real love for getting my teeth stuck into a longer format and really exploring themes and characters in a way that short stories don't - because they're not designed to do that. But Titan books reached out with... Continue Reading →

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