The Shadow Saint, Gareth Hanrahan – Book Review

Hello Humans! There are so many wonderful books publishing at the start of this year, I can barely wrap my head around them all - but I'm doing my best to get reviews written! Today I'm reviewing the second book in Gareth Hanrahan's Black Iron Legacy series, I adored The Gutter Prayer and I was so excited to... Continue Reading →

Fate of the Fallen, Kel Kade – Book Review

Hello Humans! What happens when prophecies get messed up? When the wrong person ends up tackling the foretold task? Kel Kade explores this question in her book Fate of the Fallen which came out in mid-December (I'm catching up). I'm a sucker for an unlikely hero so I thought I'd give this book a try! Goodreads... Continue Reading →

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