TTT – Books that Deserve TV or Movie Adaptations (or a second chance)

Hello humans! Today's TTT theme was actually 'Bingeworthy TV Shows/Amazing Movies' but I rarely have time for TV at the moment and my taste in movies is appalling so┬áinstead I thought I'd share the ten books of which I would love to watch TV or Movie adaptations.* *Real talk: I, of course, mean seventeen-hour epics... Continue Reading →

Candles, Thesbians and Sassy movie reviews! It’s my June Favourites!

June is over! How can this be? I've had the busiest month with half of it being taken up by putting on a play I had written (eek) and the other half was catching up on all the wedding planning/reading I had neglected while putting on said show! But, despite my horrendously busy schedule (and... Continue Reading →

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