Turning Darkness into Light, Marie Brennan – Book Review

Hello Humans! How often do you find a book that feels as though it was written for you? For me, that comes around maybe twice a year (I don't know whether that's above average or not) and this year's first candidate for 'Judith Book of the Year' is Turning Darkness into Light. Long-term supporters of this... Continue Reading →

Within the Sanctuary of Wings, Spoiler Free Review

Well that certainly wasn't where I was expecting this series to go... We've reached the end of our journey through The Memoirs of Lady Trent and I have rarely been this sad about finishing a series. I enjoyed these books so much, every single one of them was 5 star in my opinion and, while I... Continue Reading →

May 2017: To Be Read List

Well April went by in a flash didn't it! So much has happened, I went home for Easter which was blissful (because there is a dog at home), 4/5 of my bridesmaids fit into their dresses which makes me very happy, my colleague got a puppy, another one had a baby, it's all go in... Continue Reading →

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