Want-To-Read Wednesday! The Two Towers

Hello and welcome back to Want-To-Read-Wednesday (W2RW) the tag where you talk about a book you want to read. Any book. It’s that easy! If you want to join in, and you should, just tag me in your post so I can see it!


This week, I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve wanted to read this for a good few years now. I read The Fellowship of the Ring one week when I was feeling industrious about six years ago and I never got round to reading the other two. Did I enjoy The Fellowship of the Ring? Why yes I did. Is that the real reason I want to read The Two Towers? In part, but it’s much more because I’d like to be one of those people who can say they’ve read all the LOTR books (and Silmarillion?) not in a braggy way but in a ‘maybe this will make me more interesting’ kind of way.

Oh, that and I’m a massive nerd for the films and I want to compare the books and be an even bigger massive nerd.

Oh and I think a beautifully bound set of the LOTR books would be an amazing addition to my bookshelf.

So it’s mainly incredibly shallow reasons that make me want to read this book (and The Return of the King) but I wanted to showcase that Want-To-Read-Wednesday isn’t about picking a worthy book to read, or a new release that everyone else is excited about. It’s about a love for reading, a love for books, and an acceptance that sometimes we want to read things for all the wrong reasons.

See you next week for another Want-To-Read-Wednesday. Or see you tomorrow for a book review if you fancy coming back sooner! Click that follow button if you want to know exactly when I post!

Can’t wait to see you!


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