One Year of Fairyloot (Kind of a Tag?)

Hello humans! A whole year of Fairyloot, can you believe it? Ok, it’s a little more than a year, I wanted the time to get this blog post right and in the meantime, another box may have arrived. However, I wanted to have a look back on twelve months of this particular subscription box, to talk about what I love about it, which books and products I have liked and what wasn’t quite my personal preference.

The first Fairyloot box I ever received was the May 2017 box, the theme for which was Warriors and Legends, the book was Flame in the Mist and I can remember how utterly thrilled I was when it was delivered to me at work. I heard about Fairyloot via a blog, though I’m sorry to say I can’t remember which one it was, rest assured if you do Fairyloot unboxings they are having an impact on people!

I’ve actually ended up setting this post up more like a set of questions, so if you feel like answering them yourself (for Fairyloot or another subscription box) feel free and link me either on here or via Twitter!

Favourite Box?

I’d say that the box which had the most products I used and enjoyed as well as a book I really liked was the Ladies that Slay box from November 2017. There was tea, there was a gorgeous smelling candle, an arc of Furyborn, a book sleeve and the book (The Last Namsara) had dragons. There was no way I wasn’t going to love this box!

Least Favourite Box?

I want to preface this with the fact that I have loved every box I have received from Fairyloot, however, there are always going to be some things that don’t quite work for me. In this case, it was the Talk Faerie to Me box from January 2018. I think this was a matter of personal preference, I’m just not that big a fan of Sarah J Maas and it felt like this box was dominated by that fandom? I will say the candle smelled lovely.

Favourite Book?

Probably Forest of a Thousand Lanterns? It took me a while to get round to reading and reviewing this book but I thought it was exceptional.

Least Favourite Book?

Again, this is just a matter of personal preference, I didn’t particularly enjoy The Cruel Prince as much as some other books that have come before. One thing I do love about Fairyloot is often I think I’ve guessed which book it will be and then they surprise me with a different book I haven’t even heard of!

Favourite Product?

A tricky question I know. I think the product I use the most is the book sleeve from the Ladies that Slay box. The product that makes me happiest whenever I get to use it is the potion sticky notes. I particularly like using them on important office documents to inject a little whimsy into the day!

Least Favourite Product?

Probably the hot chocolate that has been in some of the past boxes (such as the All That Sass box from September 2017). I liked the idea of it, and I’m very glad that they chose to make it vegan, but I didn’t like the taste and ended up giving it away. Food/beverages are always tricky to get right (especially if you’re trying to please many people) and I have loved some of the other teas that came with various boxes!

A product you wish you’d got from a past box? (This page may be helpful)

Definitely the dragon scarf from the March 2017 Myths and Monsters box. I would sell my soul to have a dragon scale scarf!

A product you’d like to see in a future box?

I love pin badges so I’m always open to seeing more of those, but I was thinking about this and, there’s no way it could happen, but think how cool a Fairyloot beeswax wrap would be?

Feel free to give this a go, if you think it would be fun, you don’t have to do Fairyloot if you don’t want to, and you don’t have to look at a whole year! Please do tag me in your posts though as I’d love to read and share them!


9 thoughts on “One Year of Fairyloot (Kind of a Tag?)

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  1. Completely agree on the favourite and least favourite boxes! I started with the Ladies that Slay box and it’s a tough one to beat. I’ve been a bit disappointed with them this year, but May and June’s boxes were great!

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    1. I think the more boxes you get the harder it is to love them? You have so much more to compare them to! I think that partly it’s cause they’ve been featuring a lot of REALLY specific book merch? I don’t mind a quote from a book out of context but magnetic character bookmarks for a book I don’t know or don’t like is quite specific!


  2. Dragon scale scarf?? Take my money!! 😀

    Thanks for the insight, I haven’t ordered any loot boxes yet (can’t decide..) and am always interested to see what’s in them and whether they are worth the money. I love scented candles and they are heavily featured it seems. That’s definitely a big pro 🙂 Hope you keep enjoying your boxes!

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