What’s taken my fancy in May?

Guess who forgot to schedule her posts properly so has double posts for a lot of days this week? THIS GAL!

So prepare yourself for not one, not two but THREE double doses of chain interaction this week. Yes I could have worked around it and rescheduled things but honestly I really like writing wrap ups and favourites at the end of the month so I think I’ll just enjoy myself. If it’s all a bit much notification-wise I apologise.

Speedy May favourites it is!

1) Chicken Soup (for my Soul)

I’ve been, for some unknown reason, really liking chicken soup this month. i think it’s because it feels like I’m getting a hot meal for lunch at work which makes me feel like I’ve achieved something (it doesn’t take much). Maybe I’ll branch into more summer innapropriate foods in June!

2) Orange Lipsticks

There’s almost always a lipstick in my favourites and this month, though I never would have expected it, I’m liking orange hues. My top pick right now is a matte orange by Loreal called ‘hype’.

3) Fairyloot!

I got my first Fairyloot box this month and I’m totally obsessed! Hopefully I’ll have time to do an unboxing in June but if not then just trust me it is epic and amazing and if you can, you should subscribe.

4) Bookstagrammers

Speaking of unboxings, some of the best unboxings I’ve seen are by phenomenal bookstagrammers. These people are witches and also artists I swear I could look at their images all day. Maybe I’ll do a list of my favourite bookstagrammers in the future….? (Link me to your bookstagram I need more please!!)

5) Choreography on Youtube

Last month it was sewing tutorials, this month it’s choreo. I am the world’s worst dancer so I’m living vicariously through dancers on youtube and it is so so so good.

I’ve been beyond busy with play rehearsals and songwriting this month so I haven’t had a chance to discover many new things. Perhaps June will prove a more interesting time? We shall see!

Have you done a favourites post this month? Link me in the comments below or tweet me @judithcmoore. Can’t wait to read them!



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