June Wrap-Up

Hello Humans! Yes, it is finally the end of June, where May flew by I feel like this month has been pretty slow – probably because I had so much to do! Reading-wise this month has been amazing, I’ve been doing my ‘book-a-day’ challenge which has gone a long way to taming my TBR – now I think I’m going to need to do a ‘write two reviews a day’ in July just to catch up!

Books Reviewed

I reviewed 20 books in June, exactly the same as in May, I think that’s becoming my average number. Let’s see which reviews were most popular (always interesting for me).

eve of man tom fletcher giovanna fletcher

Eve of Man annoyed me a lot, but apparently, people were looking for reviews for this new YA dystopia. The authors will be at YALC this year, but I’m not going to be rushing to the front of the queue. (Also, this was reviewed in May – but people seem to like reading it!)

ace of shades amanda foody

Ace of Shades appears to have been a somewhat divisive book – I know people who have loved it and some people who it just didn’t work for. Personally, I think the second book is going to be great, let’s leave it at that.

Ascension Victor Dixen

This book is…interesting? It’s kind of like The Selection in that it’s not good – but it’s fun to read regardless.

ravencry ed mcdonald

Ravencry, the sequel to Blackwing was another book that I enjoyed but I don’t relate to the main character hugely. Still worth a read if you like this kind of story.

the book of m peng shepherd

The Book of M is a hugely surreal dystopian novel. I went into this with no expectations and found it a very powerful read. Would recommend if you don’t mind things being a little trippy and sad.

Sunday Posts

chaininteraction musings graphic

I actually managed to schedule some of these in! Success.

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Top Ten Tuesdays

Top ten tuesday graphic

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Want to Read Wednesdays

Want to Read Wednesdays graphic

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Bonus Posts

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