Review – Willow Born, Shanna Miles

Goodreads Summary:

Years ago, witch hunters came to Carolina and devoured the Willows. Sixteen-year-old Collette, a powerful empath, was one of them. A part of a long line of witches that stretches back as far as the slave auctions of Charleston, she was especially gifted.

Decades later, a series of strange kidnappings prompts a member of her secret coven to make a plea for help and Collette is chosen to answer the call. But things have changed. Angels have come out of the divine closet and everyone is on the lookout for the supernatural.

Snatched from the Void, she has to choose between a normal life and following the warrior path of the Willows, a coven she didn’t know she belonged to. Soon, problems pile sky-high as she struggles to keep the boy who could blow her cover at arm’s length and her sanity as family secrets come to light in the midst of a serial killer.

In the end it all comes down to destiny, death and the grey places between good and evil. But then again, when you’re Willow Born death can be just the beginning.


Publishing June 1st 2017 by Rochelle and Reed Publishing

I came this close to giving up on this one. I have yet to add anything to any kind of ‘did not finish’ pile and I’m too proud to give up now, so I persevered. Here’s what I discovered:

Willow Born very much has the feel of a debut novel. It also has the feel of a novel that would have benefited from a lot of editing or perhaps just putting it aside and coming back to it in a year or so and then cutting bits and adding bits in. Does that make any sense? What I mean is that Willow Born has some really great ideas and most of the actual writing is pretty decent but there are so many loose ends or just unnecessary threads that I spent the first 60% of the book utterly confused. In the last 40% I just decided that the things I had thought were important and plot relevant and about to be explained probably weren’t  any of those things and I should just read the book like none of the plot mattered.

In terms of subject/story…this kind of reads like an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossed with old school Dr Who crossed with some kind of teen high school drama. There’s paranormal activity, there’s time travel (of sorts) and there’s romance for the sake of romance. None of this is overtly a ‘bad’ thing it just doesn’t make for particularly compelling reading.

If you think you might give this book a go you won’t have a terrible time of it, the last 40% of the book actually got quite interesting and exciting. But you have to be willing to commit to the confusion of the earliest phase of the book first.

By the way: I received a digital copy of this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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